Gravity is not applicable. We are GNA.

GNA is a visionary Ideas Incubator. Founded by three directors, a group of friends who have combined their technology and management skills, to turn ideas into projects, and projects into fully-fledged companies.

We work remotely from around the world, and from offices in the heart of the UK.
We design, develop, launch, manage, and nurture ideas into companies.

At GNA, we believe in authenticity, flexibility, and friendship.



We believe in openness and honesty. Authenticity builds trust. Trust in our objectives, trust in our team, and trust in us to deliver genuine communications internally and externally with our partners, investors, press and supporters.


We operate in some of the most agile markets and industries in the world. Flexibility in our operations, our thinking, and for our team allows us to stay on our toes, ready to lead the next vision.


What is work without friendship? We believe in nuturing and protecting friendships, whether they are within GNA or outside. Our respect for friendship can be seen by the way we operate, by the way we do our best for our team members and partnerships.

Currently Incubating

We're the makers of Duoo (AppStore Top 20 iOS App) and a new app named WAYW.
View our current projects in incubation.

  • Duoo

    Discover more about one another for friendship and dating; through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, Swarm, Beme, Spotify and YouTube.

  • WAYW

    Share what you are wearing to events you're attending with other guests and friends. View other guests' outfits, be on point and avoid wearing the same.

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